Tina Favaloro with coffeecake mascot

Tina Favaloro, Hobee’s Pruneyard (In Memoriam)

Name:                         Tina Favaloro
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Pruneyard
Length of Service: 12 years
Position:       Manager
Why She’s The One: After a brief battle with cancer, Tina passed away in Saratoga in the company of her loving family this spring.  Tina worked at Hobee’s Pruneyard as a server and manager for over a dozen years. She was a seasoned restaurant pro and performed her duties with confidence and an ever-present smile. Tina loved her customers and always took extra time with her regulars. Her hearty laugh could often be heard echoing through the restaurant. She was a favorite of co-workers who found her warm spirit to be inspiring and infectious. A few weeks ago before her death, we presented Tina with our annual Hobee’s Hero Award in recognition of her strength in the face of adversity. All of us at Hobee’s will miss her dearly.