Store front of Hobee's Los Gatos

The Entire Closing Crew of Hobee’s Los Gatos

Name:                         The Entire Closing Crew of Hobee’s Los Gatos
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Los Gatos
Length of Service: 5 years
Position:       The Whole Darn Crew!
Why They’re The One: It’s never easy to say goodbye to a store, we really enjoyed being a part of the Los Gatos community. It’s important to know that the closing crew at Hobee’s Los Gatos, handled a difficult situation with grace, dignity and professionalism until the very last minute.  Despite losing some employees unexpectedly, the remaining crew never let down and put forth their very best effort to show true Hobee’s pride and service.  Debbie, Javier, Carlos Q, Patricia and all of the rest of the crew really demonstrated the meaning of “Be the BEST”.  Carlos I., Raul and Angel put endless energy and effort into leaving the place better than we found it 5 years ago.  And we would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the newcomers: Jose Valencia (yes, another one), Luis and Fernando and all of the other recent hires that really caught on to the Hobee’s vibe and did a great job over the final several weeks.  Most of these employees are now in other Hobee’s or other jobs, but the Hobee’s Los Gatos spirit will live on in our memories as a worthy effort from beginning to end.  Viva Los Gatos!