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Special Delivery: Hobee’s Partners with DoorDash

Guests who want to enjoy Hobee’s from home or at the office now have a terrific new delivery option: DoorDash.

Not familiar with DoorDash? You soon will be. The company just turned one and has attracted funding from venture capital giant Sequoia Capital. Here are DD’s ambitious priorities according to a recent company blog post:

“We will take the funding to broaden our impact on making local economies more accessible and efficient. Our goal is to create the platform to connect merchants with consumers for the next generation of local delivery. The network we want to build will look like the following:

1. Efficient

We operate a full stack delivery service: by partnering with merchants, managing our own drivers, and developing our own logistics technologies, we’re able to control the entire delivery experience to make it more efficient for everyone.

2. Precise

We’re obsessed with logistics. We aspire to being able to give to-the-minute delivery estimates and delivery that promise with our efficient fleet of drivers. When we say something will arrive in 24 minutes, it arrives in exactly 24 minutes. Not 30. Not 15. Delivery windows will be a thing of the past.

3. Technology-Driven

The only way we can achieve this, at scale, is to be relentlessly focused on technology. We cannot approach this problem like traditional companies. We cannot – and won’t – throw people at problems; we let technology and product do the heavy lifting.”

Easy as 1,2,3! Check it our for yourself and place an order. (Bonus: Your first delivery is free!)