Hobee's Outrigger sandwich

Say “Aloha” to Summer at Hobee’s!

At Hobee’s, we take our Hawaiian pedigree seriously. (The Taber family lived on Oahu for decades before Paul experienced his mid-life crisis and started Hobee’s just before his fiftieth birthday.) Summer is the time we summon our collective Aloha Spirit and roll out fun seasonal specials and promotions, including: the return of our ever-popular, decadent banana-toffee coffeecake; 50% off your second banana-toffee gift tin every Friday;  a free piece of coffeecake on Aloha Friday if you wear a tropical print shirt; and an encore of the delightful passion fruit mimosas to our adult beverage menu. In addition, new items like Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes and the Outrigger Mahi Mahi Sandwich topped with Tropical Cole Slaw make this a summer to remember.

Enjoy a taste of the tropics all summer long at your favorite Hobee’s!