Rob Diaz close up

Roberto Diaz, Hobee’s Redwood Shores

Name:                         Roberto Diaz
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 7 years
Position:       General Manager
Why He’s The One: Rob has very quietly presided over one of the biggest growth spurts our northernmost location has had in a very long time.  With all of the attention on Palo Alto after Stanford closed in January, Rob and his crew have made us take notice by capturing a large number of former Stanford regulars and giving them a new Hobee’s home. Rob enjoys building the business and does it one customer at a time. He’s always smiling, attentive and well-dressed.  Large parties and even larger orders don’t stress him out. He frequently chips in and helps his fellow employees and managers. Rob has been particularly helpful with helping us store all of our excess equipment from other locations at his huge restaurant.  Congratulations on this distinction, Mr. Diaz!