Modesto Villalon close up

Modesto Villalon, Hobee’s Redwood Shores

Name:                         Modesto Villalon
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 15 Years
Position:       Server / Assistant Manager
Why He’s The One: Though he looks like he’s young enough to be a college student, Modesto has put in some serious time at Hobee’s: 15 years! We’re especially proud that he started as a busser and worked his way up to server and assistant manager positions. The ever-smiling Modesto was able to advance because he has a great work ethic and is always trying to learn the next thing. Modesto’s kindness is well-known to his co-workers. A great recent example of his selflessness is when he helped a distressed motorist fix his car in front of the restaurant. Even though the man wasn’t even a customer, Modesto patiently helped him until he was able to drive away safely.  We’re so glad to have Modesto on our team and congratulate him on this honor!