Melissa Talbot close up

Melissa Talbot, Montague

Name:   Melissa Talbot
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Montague
Length of Service: 10 and 1/2 Years
Position:  General Manager
Why She’s The One: We’ve gotten in the habit of honoring Melissa. She was an Employee of the Month three years ago and is also one of our finalists for Outstanding General Manager in this year’s Hobee’s Achievement Awards. Nevertheless, we couldn’t pass up the chance to thank her for her time at Hobee’s Montague before she transfers back to Hobee’s Palo Alto in 2015. The sales jump at Montague in the Levi’s Stadium era has been astonishing: The restaurant posted a gain of over 20% in November! Throughout it all, Melissa has been extremely focused on service and preparing her crew for big business. Melissa is also a super star networker and attends many after hours events to market the restaurant. We’re pleased to honor Melissa as our latest Star Employee of the Month.