Marcos Wence close up

Marcos Wence, Mountain View

Name:   Marcos Wence
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Mountain View
Length of Service: Nearly 16 Years
Position:  Server
Why He’s The One: This month’s award is a nice complement to last month’s presentation: Like July’s Star Employee, Alvaro Moreno, Marcos has spent nearly 16 years working for Hobee’s. And like Alvaro, Marcos has become one of the company’s most dependable and respected servers. Back in 1998, Marcos started as a Host at Hobee’s Stanford. He spent about 4 years learning this job well and perfecting his English at school. Once he felt comfortable enough, he took on server training and has excelled at that position ever since. Marcos has worked at several Hobee’s, but now calls Mountain View home. Several of his Mountain View co-workers nominated him for this honor. They cited his ever-present smile, helpful attitude and superb customer service skills as proof of his excellence. We’re pleased to honor Marcos as our latest Star Employee of the Month.