Leticia Martinez and Mike Honda close up

Leticia Martinez, Montague

Name:   Leticia Martinez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Montague
Length of Service: 22 Years!
Position:  Server / Assistant Manager
Why She’s The One: We’re back to Hobee’s Montague once again for our latest Star Award. This month’s honoree, Leticia Martinez, has a huge fan base. Customers often request her section and even write to the main office about how wonderful she is. Lety knows Hobee’s like few others. She has been a loyal employee for the past 22 years. Lety is a helpful, cheerful server and greets everyone with a smile. As an assistant manager, she goes above and beyond by filling in at a moment’s notice at Montague or any other locations. Recently, Lety has been personally delivering a large party platter order on Monday mornings to a local business. The company has enjoyed working with her so much, they keep increasing their order! We’re pleased to honor Lety as our latest Star Crewmember of the Month.