We’re crazy about kids at Hobee’s! Our youngest patrons get VIP treatment, like complimentary fruit plates, crayons and coloring sheets, and “just for kids” specials.

Hobee’s knows that most of our youngest fans like their food without frills. Our special Kids’ Menu, for children 10 years and younger, features simple (and simply delicious) entrees for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu also serves as a coloring sheet, which keeps the kiddies occupied for a few precious minutes while mom and dad catch up on the day’s activities.

We’re proud to lend a hand to vital community institutions such as PTA groups, school clubs, sports teams and non-profits. Hobee’s will donate 20% of all sales generated by verified attendees at these events. Here’s how it works:

Hobee’s will provide:

  • A customized flyer promoting the event to invited guests
  • For child-friendly organizations we’ll supply a special coloring sheet, a complimentary fruit plate and a kids’ menu
  • A table for the organization’s literature
  • A check to the organization for 20% of all verified sales generated from the event

Community organization to provide:

  • Distribution of flyers
  • Social media postings to promote the event, including links to Hobees.com, Facebook.com/Hobees and Twitter.com/Hobees
  • A great turnout

Other details:

  • Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis
  • Hobee’s employees will track sales based on customers identifying themselves as part of the event
  • Flyers may not be distributed in front of the restaurant during the event
  • To-go sales may be included in the total sales; gift card transactions are excluded
  • Daytime events on Saturday and Sunday are generally not available except at our Redwood Shores and Montague locations

Fundraisers are a fun way to improve our community!

Or contact Camille Chijate at (650) 493 – 7823 x 166 or cchijate@jaimem23.sg-host.com.


We recently changed the rules to our Kids Eat Free program to include all five locations. Now, kids eat free every Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Here’s how it works: Kids under 10 years of age who accompany an adult to Hobee’s on Wednesday receive a free kids’ entree. Limit: One free entree per each adult / child combination.

Hobee’s is one of the few restaurants that genuinely welcomes the little ones. Join us and see for yourself. We hope you’ll make Wednesday a regular family treat!

At Hobee’s, we’ve always welcomed kids with open arms. Our homey atmosphere attracts lots of families and we receive many compliments on how well our staff treats the kiddies.

Recently, we received the following letter from a Hobee’s Sunnyvale customer who was so kind to write to us about her kid-friendly experience there:

“Dear Mr. Taber,

I only have a few moments to write this as my 9 month old needs my constant attention! I just had my first Hobee’s experience yesterday morning. I met a friend for breakfast at your Sunnyvale store. I have actively avoided restaurants since the birth of my son as I have gotten everything from the initial “dirty look” to the worst seat in the restaurant when I come walking in with him by my side. Every restaurant I’ve been to has been less than accomodating when it come to bringing in baby. However, my situation yesterday was completely different. I was greeted with a big smile and a “hi little baby” for my son as I waited to be seated. I was given a normal table just like everyone else. I was offered a high chair for the little guy and not one that looked like it was older than me and would collapse when he was put in it. Gavin, despite his young age, was given a helium filled balloon which much to my surprise was a total hit! It kept him occupied for a good 15 minutes, which in “baby time”, as you may know, is an ETERNITY! I also had an odd request for a pitcher of hot water so I could heat up his breastmilk bottle. I didn’t think expect the “sure, no problem” response and it was promptly delivered to our table. The whole staff was friendly, courteous and attentive.

We can’t afford to go out very frequently but from now on, when we do, we will make the long drive over the hill to go to a Hobees restaurant. It is well worth it. You won a family over with your thoughtful kid friendly attitude. I was impressed. Last but not least, the food was absolutely marvelous and I was able to eat the whole meal (warm nonetheless) thanks to a balloon and warm bottle. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”