Juan Carlos close up

Juan Carlos Campanero, Montague

Name:   Juan Carlos Campanero
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Montague
Length of Service: 6 Years
Position:  Cook
Why He’s The One: This is the second time we’re honoring Carlos. The first time was way back in 2008 when he distinguished himself as a rookie in the busy kitchen at Hobee’s Pruneyard. Over the years, he’s just gotten better. Today, Carlos is a he is a vital force in the back house at Hobee’s Montague. Several nominators mentioned his efficiency, professionalism and positive attitude. General Manager Felipe Zarate says that Carlos is a great team player and is able to handle big rushes with ease. (This is great for us since Montague has posted higher sales gains than any other location in 2015!) We pleased to honor Carlos as our latest Star Employee of the Month.