Jose Luis Salto Portrait

Jose Luis Salto, Hobee’s Palo Alto and Stanford

Name:                         Jose Luis Salto
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto and Stanford (RIP!)
Length of Service: 17 years
Position:       Server
Why He’s The One: We chose Jose Luis as the recipient of this year’s Paul Taber Commitment to Excellence Award, given each year to an employee who demonstrates the founder’s legendary dedication to service and quality.  Jose Luis began working for Hobee’s as a host in 1996. In his years as a server at both Stanford and Palo Alto, he has won the friendship and admiration of his many co-workers.  General Manager Jose Valencia says that Jose Luis is extremely responsible and an “all-around good guy”. He has also cultivated wonderful relationships with scores of regulars who ask for his section.  He is a terrific example for those at Hobee’s who want to move up through the ranks.  Jose Luis has succeeded in his job through consistency and determination.  We’re proud to honor his contributions to Hobee’s with our 20th annual Paul Taber Commitment to Excellence Award and Star Employee Award.