Joe Biden and Janet Encisco with Hobee's coffeecake

Janet Enciso, Hobee’s Sunnyvale

Name:                         Janet Enciso
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Sunnyvale
Length of Service: 6 years
Position:       Manager
Why She’s The One: This is Janet’s second Star Employee award.  (Her first was in 2009.)  She thoroughly deserves the distinction since she has really stepped up her game of late.  Janet is one of our most flexible managers and is always available to fill in at other locations.  Her crafts on Kids Eat Free Wednesdays are legendary and build business during our slowest dining segment.  Janet also keeps her cool during the most hectic times.  A great example of her ability to handle pressure is her demeanor during June’s surprise visit by Vice President Joe Biden: Amidst the excitement and commotion, Janet made sure to keep the dining room running smooth.  We congratulate Janet on once again being named Star Employee of the Month!