Hobee's new menu effective March 2018

Hobee’s Rolls Out New Menu

The New Year brought a major surprise to the Hobee’s faithful: a revised menu featuring over a dozen new selections and a fresh new look debuted. Customers were thrilled to find tempting new additions like the Stromboli Omelet, the Nutella Stack, Bravo Breakfast Burrito, Spaghetti Classico and the West Coast Hoagie. After rotating as wildly successful summer specials, a trio of Power Bowls also made the final cut: Guests will have a difficult time choosing from the Silicon Valley Bowl, the Teriyaki Aloha Bowl and the Southwest Power Bowl.

Of course, most of your of your old favorites are still on the menu. And if you don’t find something you’ve enjoyed in the past, ask your server if the kitchen can make it for you. We have a huge list of former menu items that we call “the X Files”!