best of palo alto weekly 2017

Hobee’s Named Palo Alto’s Best Breakfast in a Lyrical Tribute

We’re honored to be named Best Breakfast once again by the readers of The Palo Alto Weekly! Even more thrilling was the write up set to a smash from the 60’s. (Someone of a certain age clearly loves us!) Here’s the catchy tune:

“That’s breakfast at Hobee’s!”
(To the tune of “So Happy Together”)
Imagine farm-fresh eggs — there’s two
And golden country-style hashbrowns, and orange juice.
That tall blueberry coffeecake? It’s really great.
That’s breakfast at Hobee’s!

Scrambles, smoothies, ommies and bites that delight
served all day long.
Pancakes and that orange-and-cinnamon tea
that’s pretty strong.

Is there more? There’s always more.
No matter how you eat your grub, there’s lots in store:
From gluten-free French toast to food for herbivores.
That’s breakfast at Hobee’s!
Let’s breakfast at Hobee’s!
We’re happy at Hobee’s!