Hobee's Spartan Sandwich

Five Sensational Items Spice Up New Menu

Spring is a season for new beginnings. At Hobee’s, we’re always looking for fresh new food items to add to our mix of California classics. Making the permanent menu, however, is no easy task. We spend lots of time testing out each candidate to ensure the item is “menu worthy”. (It’s a tough job, we know!) We think you’ll agree that the following are ready for prime time: the hearty Salmon Hash & Eggs Eye Opener; the crisp Chicken Caesar Salad; comfort classic Turkey Patty Melt; the sublime Spartan Sandwich with fresh spinach, tomato, Feta and Santorini olive mix; or the spicy Bacon Bleu Burger with turkey bacon, crumbled Bleu cheese and hot Sriracha sauce.

We even have an incentive for you to try something new: Enjoy a FREE new menu item with this coupon.