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Eliseo Moreno, Palo Alto

Name:   Eliseo Moreno
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 16 Years
Position:  Dishwasher
Why He’s The One: The first word that comes to mind when we think of Eliseo is “fast”. In his job as a dishwasher at Hobee’s Palo Alto, he is in constant motion, practically dancing across the kitchen floor. Big rushes do not faze Eliseo. He’s able to handle the flow of a very busy weekend day. Eliseo’s General Manager Melissa Talbot describes him as friendly, helpful and dependable. Eliseo worked for many years at Hobee’s Stanford and transferred to Palo Alto when Stanford closed in 2013. This award comes on the eve of his sixteenth anniversary with Hobee’s. We’re very  fortunate to have Eliseo on our crew!