Elena Perez portrait

Elena Perez, Sunnyvale

Name:   Elena Perez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Sunnyvale
Length of Service: 15 Years
Position:  Server
Why She’s The One: Of course it couldn’t last forever, but we find ourselves asking why we can’t have Elena with us just a little bit longer! As she prepares to leave for a new life in Las Vegas, we pay tribute to a genuine Hobee’s super star. Elena is one of the main reasons Sunnyvale continues to break records after nearly two decades. She is a force of nature at night and can serve the entire floor with efficiency, accuracy and good humor. Customers and co-workers adore her. Need proof that she is without equal? Check out her Achievement Awards resume: Seven Customers’ Choice Awards plus an Outstanding Server honor! What a privilege it has been having Elena on our crew. Buena suerte, Elena!