Daniel Chijate portrait

Daniel Chijate, Palo Alto

Name:   Daniel Chijate
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 17 1/2 Years
Position:  Kitchen Manager
Why He’s The One: Usually, a Hobee’s Kitchen Manager focuses on his single restaurant. Not Daniel. As our senior Kitchen Manager and Executive Chef, Daniel’s influence is felt throughout the company. He helps to develop many of Hobee’s sensational specials and works with the other KMs to make sure the items are great-tasting and consistent. Recently, Daniel, a two-time Hobee’s Achievement Award winner for Outstanding Kitchen Manager, has been a terrific resource for staffing the restaurants when emergencies have occurred. He frequently sends employees from Palo Alto to help at other locations and will often work extra to fill in scheduling gaps. Daniel has a terrific attitude and an exemplary work ethic. Congratulations to him on this latest honor!