Hobee's store front at Stanford

Crew of Hobee’s Stanford

Name:                         30+ dedicated employees
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Stanford
Length of Service: 2 months – 27 years
Position:       From dishwasher to General Manager
Why They’re The One: Counting down the final weeks of Hobee’s Stanford was no easy task. Everyone was dreading January 6th, but the crew wanted to go out on top and make the final days special for our customers. They absolutely met their goal. Jose Valencia and Daniel Chijate did a terrific job juggling their schedules while placing Stanford employees at their new Hobee’s homes. In the end, many long-term employees were on hand to see the conclusion of a magnificent era, including: Presciliano Melchor (27 years), Daniel Chijate (24 years), Tomasa Anaya (22 years), Sergio Carlos (19 years), Jose Valencia (18 years), Jose Luis Salto (17 years), Cecilia Reyes (15 years), Gabriel Pardo (13 years), Rafael Virrueta (13 years), Teodoro Campos (13 years), Eliseo Moreno (12 years) and Francisco Zuniga (11 years). Thanks to these veterans and everyone at Stanford for a fabulous run!