Cesar Pulido portrait

Cesar Pulido, Redwood Shores

Name:   Cesar Pulido
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 3 Years
Position:  Host / Server
Why He’s The One: Nearly the entire crew of Hobee’s Redwood Shores backed Cesar’s nomination for our latest Star award. In his three years with the company, Cesar has won over his co-workers and customers with his friendly attitude and teamwork. Though he is easy going, Cesar is very serious about work and doing a great job. General Manager Mayra Nava says: “Cesar is very hard working and takes the extra step to make the customers feel welcome. He works well with everyone.” Already an Outstanding Host finalist in last year’s Achievement Awards, it’s time to celebrate Cesar again. We’re pleased to honor him as our latest Star Crewmember of the Month