Melissa Portrait

Melissa Talbot, Hobee’s Palo Alto

Name:                         Melissa Talbot
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 8 Years in June
Position:       General Manager
Why She’s The One: In her Hobee’s career, Melissa has received lots of awards, including Employee of the Month in 2008. Still, we can’t let another month go by without recognizing how great she is doing as GM at Hobee’s Palo Alto. The restaurant’s sales increase for 2012 leads all other stores and the costs fall well within the targeted budget. Melissa’s energy and commitment have definitely contributed to those impressive statistics. She is always very hands on during her shifts, tending to customers and assisting employees. Most admirably, she comes in on her days off to help with large orders, attends chamber of commerce events and furthers Hobee’s social media standing with positive Facebook posts. Melissa truly cares about her restaurant. Her efforts have energized the Palo Alto crew and launched the restaurant into an exciting new era. We congratulate Melissa (once again!) on being our Star Employee of the Month!
Carmen portrait

Maria del Carmen Sanchez, Hobee’s Sunnyvale

Name:                         Maria del Carmen Sanchez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Sunnyvale
Length of Service: 3 1/2 Years
Position:       Server
Why She’s The One: Carmen has an ever-present smile and sunny disposition that help make her one of Sunnyvale’s most popular servers. Even in the high pressure environment of busy Hobee’s Sunnyvale, she doesn’t show her stress. It certainly helps that Carmen is very well organized and accurate with her orders. Because she thinks through each transaction, she’s able to spend more time with her guests and take service to the next level. Carmen’s husband, General Manager Misael Morales, wrote a terrific nomination on her behalf, but he was only one of several employees to say wonderful things about her. We congratulate Carmen on being our latest Star Employee of the Month!