Star employee Deisi Nava

Deisi Nava, Redwood Shores

Name:   Deisi Nava
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 11 Months
Position:  Host
Why She’s The One: Though she has worked for Hobee’s for less than a year, Deisi has made quite an impact on Hobee’s Redwood Shores and her fellow crewmembers. Five of them wrote nominations in support of Deisi. Comments included: “She’s very welcoming, works fast and helps guests and waiters always”, “she’s always ready to work”, and “she is a hard worker and very attentive”. Still a student, Deisi no doubt has a very bright future ahead of her. We’re very pleased that she is making such a difference at Hobee’s Redwood Shores at such a young age. Congratulations, Deisi!
Star employee Marcelino Nicolas-luis

Marcelino Nicolas-Luis, Palo Alto

Name:   Marcelino Nicolas-Luis
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 3 Years, 2 Months
Position:  Cook
Why He’s The One: Marcelino has been a key member of the Hobee’s Palo Alto kitchen since the day he started. He has been especially helpful filling the gap left by one of our most senior kitchen workers who has been on an extended leave of absence. Marcelino has also been a huge help to co-owner Daniel Chijate as the Palo Alto kitchen has been cranking out massive orders over the past several weeks. He stays focused and completes complicated orders quickly and efficiently. Marcelino always has a great attitude and never shies away from lending a hand to his co-workers. We’re thrilled to give him this well-earned recognition!
great job star

Eliseo Moreno, Palo Alto

Name:   Eliseo Moreno
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 16 Years
Position:  Dishwasher
Why He’s The One: The first word that comes to mind when we think of Eliseo is “fast”. In his job as a dishwasher at Hobee’s Palo Alto, he is in constant motion, practically dancing across the kitchen floor. Big rushes do not faze Eliseo. He’s able to handle the flow of a very busy weekend day. Eliseo’s General Manager Melissa Talbot describes him as friendly, helpful and dependable. Eliseo worked for many years at Hobee’s Stanford and transferred to Palo Alto when Stanford closed in 2013. This award comes on the eve of his sixteenth anniversary with Hobee’s. We’re very  fortunate to have Eliseo on our crew!
Jose Luis Pulido portrait

Jose Luis Pulido, Redwood Shores / Palo Alto

Name:   Jose Luis Pulido
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores & Palo Alto
Length of Service: 3 Years
Position:  Host and Server
Why He’s The One: Though he just recently graduated from high school, Jose has impressed co-workers at two Hobee’s locations with his maturity and strong work ethic. Redwood Shores General Manager Mayra Nava says: “Jose is a very hard worker. He always has a positive attitude and takes on any job without a hassle. Such a team player!” Five additional employees backed up Mayra with nominations that cited Jose’s friendliness, efficiency and helpfulness. Even Jose himself pointed out that he doesn’t wait for someone to tell him what to do. With a gung ho attitude like that, he’ll continue to go far!
Felipe Zarate portrait

Felipe Zarate, Montague

Name:   Felipe Zarate
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Montague
Length of Service: 21 ½ Years
Position:  General Manager
Why He’s The One: We’ve honored Felipe a bunch of times during his two decades at Hobee’s. He has won Outstanding GM four times at the Achievement Awards, and he is certainly making the case for a fifth win in 2016. May was an extraordinary month for Hobee’s Montague. The restaurant reached its highest sales for breakfast and lunch ever. Felipe’s calm, steady leadership is a major reason the restaurant is rocking. He has a firm grip on the fundamentals of running the restaurant and never forgets to smile and have fun. It’s no surprise that many of his former customers from Hobee’s Pruneyard have returned to see him in action. We can’t wait to see the next milestone Felipe will reach!
Oscar Ramirez close up

Oscar Ramirez, Sunnyvale

Name:   Oscar Ramirez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Sunnyvale
Length of Service: 4 1/2 Months
Position:  Server and Assistant Manager
Why He’s The One: This summer, the director of Mountain View’s AVID Program for college-bound students recommended Oscar for a host position at Hobee’s. She was delighted to find out months later that Oscar exceeded all expectations and vaulted to the top as a star server and assistant manager. Oscar has succeeded so quickly because he is ambitious and eager to learn. He has wonderful hospitality instincts and projects authority and professionalism. Customers give him high marks and enjoy being served by him. We’re so glad to have Oscar on our team!
Daniel Chijate portrait

Daniel Chijate, Palo Alto

Name:   Daniel Chijate
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Palo Alto
Length of Service: 17 1/2 Years
Position:  Kitchen Manager
Why He’s The One: Usually, a Hobee’s Kitchen Manager focuses on his single restaurant. Not Daniel. As our senior Kitchen Manager and Executive Chef, Daniel’s influence is felt throughout the company. He helps to develop many of Hobee’s sensational specials and works with the other KMs to make sure the items are great-tasting and consistent. Recently, Daniel, a two-time Hobee’s Achievement Award winner for Outstanding Kitchen Manager, has been a terrific resource for staffing the restaurants when emergencies have occurred. He frequently sends employees from Palo Alto to help at other locations and will often work extra to fill in scheduling gaps. Daniel has a terrific attitude and an exemplary work ethic. Congratulations to him on this latest honor!
Elena Perez portrait

Elena Perez, Sunnyvale

Name:   Elena Perez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Sunnyvale
Length of Service: 15 Years
Position:  Server
Why She’s The One: Of course it couldn’t last forever, but we find ourselves asking why we can’t have Elena with us just a little bit longer! As she prepares to leave for a new life in Las Vegas, we pay tribute to a genuine Hobee’s super star. Elena is one of the main reasons Sunnyvale continues to break records after nearly two decades. She is a force of nature at night and can serve the entire floor with efficiency, accuracy and good humor. Customers and co-workers adore her. Need proof that she is without equal? Check out her Achievement Awards resume: Seven Customers’ Choice Awards plus an Outstanding Server honor! What a privilege it has been having Elena on our crew. Buena suerte, Elena!
Cesar Pulido portrait

Cesar Pulido, Redwood Shores

Name:   Cesar Pulido
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 3 Years
Position:  Host / Server
Why He’s The One: Nearly the entire crew of Hobee’s Redwood Shores backed Cesar’s nomination for our latest Star award. In his three years with the company, Cesar has won over his co-workers and customers with his friendly attitude and teamwork. Though he is easy going, Cesar is very serious about work and doing a great job. General Manager Mayra Nava says: “Cesar is very hard working and takes the extra step to make the customers feel welcome. He works well with everyone.” Already an Outstanding Host finalist in last year’s Achievement Awards, it’s time to celebrate Cesar again. We’re pleased to honor him as our latest Star Crewmember of the Month
Leticia Martinez and Mike Honda close up

Leticia Martinez, Montague

Name:   Leticia Martinez
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Montague
Length of Service: 22 Years!
Position:  Server / Assistant Manager
Why She’s The One: We’re back to Hobee’s Montague once again for our latest Star Award. This month’s honoree, Leticia Martinez, has a huge fan base. Customers often request her section and even write to the main office about how wonderful she is. Lety knows Hobee’s like few others. She has been a loyal employee for the past 22 years. Lety is a helpful, cheerful server and greets everyone with a smile. As an assistant manager, she goes above and beyond by filling in at a moment’s notice at Montague or any other locations. Recently, Lety has been personally delivering a large party platter order on Monday mornings to a local business. The company has enjoyed working with her so much, they keep increasing their order! We’re pleased to honor Lety as our latest Star Crewmember of the Month.