Carlos Ibanes portrait

Carlos Ibanes, Corporate Office

Name:   Carlos Ibanes
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Corporate Office
Length of Service: 17 Years
Position:   Maintenance Supervisor
Why He’s The One: Carlos was recently named our 2013 Paul Taber Commitment to Excellence Award winner, the company’s biggest honor. Shortly after Carlos began working in the kitchen at Hobee’s Palo Alto in 1995, co-owner Peter Taber discovered that he was an incredibly talented and resourceful handyman. Peter soon hired Carlos to be Hobee’s full-time maintenance supervisor (a terrific decision). Carlos works diligently – days, nights and weekends – to perform repairs, preventative maintenance and respond to emergencies. He had an especially busy period beginning in January 2013 as he oversaw the winding down and dismantling of three restaurant locations. Each of these projects produced unanticipated challenges and involved tight deadlines. Carlos handled his responsibilities flawlessly. We’re so proud of his many accomplishments and congratulate Carlos on his awards!