Antonio Amaya 25th wedding anniversary portrait with wife

Antonio Amaya, Redwood Shores

Name:   Antonio Amaya
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Redwood Shores
Length of Service: 27 Years Next Month!
Position:   Kitchen Manager
Why He’s The One: A two-time Outstanding Kitchen Manager award-winner, Antonio has been a Hobee’s stalwart for a very long time. He has worked at various Hobee’s kitchens for nearly 27 years. He spent many years at Hobee’s Mountain View before transferring to Pruneyard. Antonio is calm, polite and produces exceptional food. A major reason for this recognition is what he has done since Pruneyard closed in January: He gamely and patiently traveled to every other location to cover vacations for kitchen staff. That’s a long time to be without a home, but Antonio never complained. We look forward to seeing him in action at his new post at Redwood Shores. We also send hearty congratulations to Antonio and his wife Alicia. This month they celebrated twenty-five years of marriage and held a beautiful ceremony to mark the occasion.