Alba and Humberto Ramos portrait

Alba Romero, Hobee’s Pruneyard

Name:                         Alba Romero
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Pruneyard
Length of Service: 14 Years
Position:       Host
Why She’s The One: Alba is one of our holdovers from Hobee’s Town and Country in San Jose. After that restaurant closed in 2000, she fortunately moved to the Pruneyard (alongside her husband Humberto, the Assistant Kitchen Manager) where she has been a rock star host ever since. Pruneyard Manager Tina Favaloro said: “All of the severs are so happy when they find out Alba is scheduled. The day is just so much smoother when she’s in charge of the bar.” What makes her so great? According to her co-workers, Alba never takes short cuts, is fast and effiicient, and always pitches in, even if it’s not her section. Server Nick Butera added: “Her drinks are  PERFECT!” “Perfect”: a word that sums up Alba’s performance quite nicely. We congratulate her on being our Star Employee of the Month!