Abael close up

Abael Rangel, Hobee’s Pruneyard

Name: Abael Rangel
Home Hobee’s: Hobee’s Pruneyard
Length of Service: 9 1/2 Years
Position: Prep Cook
Why He’s The One: Abael is just shy of a decade at Hobee’s Pruneyard.  During that time, he has clearly gained the admiration of his co-workers: Ten of them nominated him for this honor.  According to General Manager Felipe Zarate, Abael has a very strong work ethic and an eye for detail.  He sets up the salad bar with great care and precision.  He is easy going and willing to help others.  Even when it’s slammed, he has a great attitude and keeps a strong, steady pace.  We’re proud of Abael and glad to award him this distinction!